Wish it was as easy as opening a door and going “we hope you enjoyed your stay. See you never”

…and slamming it shut behind you, wiping your hands clean; happy that you’ve escorted “climate change” out of our home, the Earth. But the fact that we’re dealing with an abstract enemy makes it a thousand times harder.

Also, the Earth doesn’t have a door. That makes it hard too.

But as hard as it is, it is our problem to deal with. And the best weapon we’ve got, to deal with an abstract enemy is our mind. You’e probably wondering what I’m trying to get at here.

Climate change tech

Quite simply, climate change tech, is innovation and technological advancement made with the aim of minimizing our carbon footprint. From Direct Air Capture to producing cultured meat, innovators and tech entrepreneurs have shown the world what they can do to overcome climate change. But these questions prevail. Can we avoid the effects of climate change? If yes, then will technology be the one to lead us there?

climate change
DAC or Direct Air Capture: Extracting CO2 directly from the atmosphere to be used in consumer industries such as carbonated drink production etc.

Can we avoid the effects of climate change?

climate change
Natural greenhouse effect is beneficial to keep our planet warm. Human enhanced greenhouse effect makes the heat unbearable and brings adverse consequences upon the Earth and its beings.

Data collected and presented by NASA shows that effects of climate change are in fact already in motion.

NASA reveals that even if we’re to bring greenhouse gas production to a complete halt today, effects of climate change that are already afoot will continue to show themselves for decades and even centuries. The main reason for this is the prolonged concentration of Carbon dioxide, the predominant greenhouse gas, in the atmosphere. Carbon dioxide can linger in the atmosphere for hundreds of years, trapping in heat.

For this reason, adapting to unavoidable effects of climate change, is one approach to dealing with it. Scientists anticipate that species would disappear off the face of the Earth while some may grow and change.

climate change

With that said, we might not be too late to avoid a few adverse effects of climate change, yet. And technology and innovation can help.

How can tech and innovation combat climate change?

climate change

Technology has been trying to combat climate change for a while now and a few amazing inventions have come into being thanks to these efforts. However they’re still a long way from mass commercial use. To speed up the process of getting them into mass commercial use, scientists and researchers around the world are coming up with solutions.

An example is harnessing nuclear energy for power generation. We’ve experienced all the negative consequences of mishandling nuclear energy. To eliminate this crisis a Burnaby based Canadian company, General Fusion is working towards developing the world’s first commercially usable fusion power.

climate change
Canadian company General Fusion is backed by Amazon’s Jeff Bezos.

The fusion is achieved by colliding Deuterium and Tritium atoms and is assured to be safe and usable for millions of years to come.

climate change

Building smart cities is also a solution to eliminating greenhouse effects. Almost 20% of global emissions are released by bustling cities that require continuous lighting, cooling, heating and not to mention busy transport.

Transport alone makes up about 23% of greenhouse emissions. In a promising revelation, University of Surrey stated that they’re developing an alternative to battery power for electronic vehicles that can be utilized for a similar duration to petrol vehicles. This alternative also allows you to re-charge within a short period of time that resembles the duration taken to refuel a petrol vehicle.

Young tech entrepreneurs can help too

Entrepreneurs undeniably have a huge role to play in combating climate change. In a previous blog post I shared 6 green startup ideas for aspiring entrepreneurs to work on while contributing to saving the planet. But it doesn’t stop there. The world expects innovators from countries that are highly vulnerable to global warming, to make quick and powerful moves towards healing the Earth. Some of these countries include Japan, Sri Lanka, India, Germany and Philippines, thanks to their inherent vulnerabilities to weather changes.

climate change

At the end of the day innovation, technology and climate change do have quite a complicated relationship with each other. The costs of acquiring climate change tech do not make it any more attractive to clients than its core purpose does. People tend to invest in technology that bring them returns almost immediately. Seeing how one small change made by an individual at an extra cost, does little to improve the global effect of climate change, can drive off potential tech buyers. This is where government policies and standards come in. Bottom line is, combating climate change is a collective effort by different contrasting parties. What technology can do is make possible the change that we need.

The best time to plant a tree was 20 years ago. The second best time is now.

Chinese proverb

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climate change

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