Welcome to Dare To Dream SL, a new recurring series on Snow Tree. Through this series I will be bringing you a new type of content on my blog. And that is, interviews.

I will be interviewing young entrepreneurs, artists, writers, journalists, designers, musicians, performers and many other visionaries hailing from my motherland, Sri Lanka, who dare to dream about making a change within this wonderful island.

When it comes to startup culture, tech entrepreneurship, e-sports, artistry and creativity, modern journalism etc. Sri Lanka surely has a ways to go. But with exposure to how these fields are thriving in the international arena young visionaries have begun taking up ambition and are currently making changes all across Sri Lanka.

I hope to make the series a platform where creativity, innovation, entrepreneurship, change, dreams and passions will all take center stage in a way that they haven’t before.

Look forward to this week’s blog post which will be the first entry of the series. Don’t forget to follow Snow Tree on Facebook and Instagram for more updates.

Anuththara Peiris

Writer, Researcher, Content creator.


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