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You probably just graduated and were looking for jobs. Or you have been looking for a while, when the new Coronavirus hit. Now you’re stuck at home, with a possible economic recession on the way, and you wonder if you would be up for a dependable source of income anytime soon.

The pandemic-induced economic obstacles saw hard-hit companies lay off employees left and right. Some companies had their executives and board members completely forgo salaries. Some had to approach economic challenges by laying off temporary employees. Surely, this situation leaves little to hope for in terms of employment.

However, career experts around the world have urged you not to stop looking! They have also shared a few useful tips and tricks to keep in mind while looking for jobs during the Coronavirus era.

Looking for jobs? These tips might help

#1 Seize opportunities.

find jobs

In a normal job search, we tend to be picky about what we want. But in reality, any job is an achievement. If you’re passionate about getting back to work and earning for yourself then look positively at opportunities. It just might end up leading you somewhere you have always aimed at reaching. If not, then at least this experience will be another great addition to your resume.

And you can always invest what you earned here to keep obtaining the returns even after you change jobs (if you do).

#2 Look in the right places.

Are you sure you’ve looked everywhere? It’s true that the economy is heading towards a recession but take a step back. Now think about the time you’ve spent at home. What did you do? Did you watch online videos? Maybe order some food? Or browse the internet a lot? Chatted with your friends? Did your friends browse a lot too?

Are you seeing the pattern? Internet related companies or tech companies have indeed seen a boom in activity during the lockdowns and social distancing.

Amazon has seen a rise in their stock market thanks to their AWS and online retailing services. Look to the internet services sector and you might find plenty of job opportunities. Ideally you should be able to find opportunities on job posting forums or social media like LinkedIn.

#3 Freelance!

You thought that temporary employees had it the worst? That maybe true but there is a flip side to it that enables freelancing to work.

With remote work taking over normal work culture, skilled workers who are able to deliver remotely, who focus on work quality rather than their relationship to the organization are just what companies need. So make sure to polish your skills and prep yourself to deliver perfect outcomes because that’s what businesses seek right now.

#4 Market yourself the right way.

Market yourself as a resource and not as a desperate job seeker. Highlight how you’re willing to work even remotely, if needed, and how you prioritize work quality and perfection. Play up your skill set and achievements and lay down a set of objectives that you’re trying to achieve through each project.

This will showcase that you’re a performance driven, goal-oriented resource to the company rather than a job seeker trying to get hold of an opportunity.

#5 Make use of helpful connections.

find jobs

If you’re clueless about where to look for jobs and if LinkedIn or job posting sites just aren’t working, it’s time to look up from your screen. Call people you know that hold influential positions in their companies.

Certain companies could still be short on help but are reluctant to post vacancies due to the circumstances. Insider connections are what companies seek to fulfill such needs. Learn about opportunities like these from them and tell them how you can be resourceful.

That’s it for today. The times are rough but hope isn’t dead yet for those of us who want to work, earn and be independent. If you’d rather earn money online with your own venture, you can find a few easy, Eco-friendly startup ideas over here. In case you still need some more tips on finding jobs you can check out this blog post. Or you might be interested in learning more about the COVID-19 situation. Read up on how the world will change with the pandemic. I have published an entire series on COVID-19 related topics covering Coronavirus vaccines, security and privacy in the post-pandemic world, how to cope with quarantine and social-distancing and new business trends that will rise out of the COVID-19 situation. You can check them out as well.

It’s not what you achieve, it’s what you overcome. That’s what defines your career

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find jobs

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