It’s time to be hopeful for a better next year.

Green startup culture is on the rise! Reeling from the shock of COVID-19, it’s time to invest in a green startup to uplift your lifestyle.

Last year it was predicted that the sustainable product market is expected to hit $150 billion in the United States by 2021. While this trend may have slightly altered due to the prevailing circumstances around the world, there has never been a better time to invest in sustainability.

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For aspiring entrepreneurs who are enthusiastic about making a positive change in the wake of the current pandemic I have put together a list of 6 green startup ideas. These ventures aren’t all that difficult to get started on and you can start small.

Let’s dive right in and show some love for our planet!

Green startup ideas for 2021

#1 Prepare and sell organic food

If you have a knack for cooking and preparing good looking dishes, get your hands on a few organic ingredients and launch your green startup! You could start small by promoting your business through social media.

Look for ways to make your dishes interesting and unique and if this is done right, it wouldn’t take too long for your venture to grow and gain more customers.

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Another way to promote an organic food business is to flaunt your customer reviews. New unique food sellers have a lot of skepticism surrounding them due to the fact that they’re dealing with food. Gathering a lot of positive comments and reviews and promoting them on social media can work wonders for you.

#2 Create an Eco-friendly fashion brand

If you’re a passionate designer or even a design student and you dream about leaving a stylish legacy, you can do that while erasing the carbon footprint. Launch a “green” fashion brand.

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One thing that you have to get serious about before launching this brand, however, is doing proper research. Know what materials are Eco-friendly and animal-friendly. Hemp, Cashmere silk, organic Cotton and Linen are some of the options that you can choose from.

Another rapidly rising trend in Eco-friendly fashion is the use of Econyl nylon. Econyl is an Italian brand of regenerated nylon, created using synthetic waste such as industrial plastic, waste fabric and fishing nets from oceans.

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You can look into other new trends like these and create your own unique style concept.

#3 Develop a mobile app for the green concept

If you’re a developer or are currently studying in a related field you can contribute to a sustainable economy with your coding skills. Let your creativity take over and develop an app to promote the green concept.

With the concept of gamification rising as a trend you can even create a gamified mobile app that motivates people to clean up their surroundings and use Eco-friendly alternatives to harmful day-to-day products.

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Here’s a list of existing green mobile apps to get some inspiration from. Consult experts such as ecologists and marine biologists, experts on sustainability and even advocates and campaigners to get a more thorough understanding on environmental issues. Here’s a list of experts to follow on Twitter.

You can monetize this app using advertisements, in-app purchases, sponsorships, subscriptions and other techniques listed here.

#4 Become a green influencer!

Influencers have the opportunity to talk about deep seated issues head-on. A charismatic personality meets true passion when it comes to an influencer. But of course make sure that you’re backed by thoroughly researched facts.

For this you will again need to consult many many experts related to the cause that you’re passionate about. One concept that you can adopt is green journalism. You can interview experts, follow notable issues and cases, and actively seek-out solutions.

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If you’re using a blog or a platform like YouTube to spread awareness, there are many monetizing strategies available for you. Affiliate marketing, advertising, selling Eco-friendly merch branded for your platform are a few popular strategies for the coming year.

#5 Open up an electric car dealer store

If you are passionate about cars and are interested in becoming a green entrepreneur you can combine the two and begin dealing Eco-friendly cars. However the Eco-friendly nature of electric cars may depend on the source it derives power from.

If the cars are solar-powered, hydrogen-powered or geothermal-powered, this might actually prove to be a successful, truly “green” venture. Iceland has in fact taken steps to have cars powered by all three types of energy, running on their roads. Proper research is once again needed to get it right with this startup but if you were to in fact get it right, you could even launch your own Eco-friendly car manufacturing company in the future.

Green startup

Now this one requires a bit more initial investment than the other ideas here. But finding investors can be easier if you look around on the internet, establish connections with helpful people around you and of course start saving up as well!

To get started you can look up investors here. This website also helps you search for people who are interested in contributing to your other green startup ideas. For more help follow the guidelines listed here to find investors. Angel investors and crowd funding are also common methods to gather funds for your green startup.

#6 Sell food plants!

Because why not? Earlier we discussed selling organic food. But if you’re more into gardening than cooking, why not sell food plants? You can even sell them to organic food chefs! You can start easy with a few easy crops. potatoes, spring onions, radish and garlic are easy crops to get started. Here are more easy plants to grow and instructions on how to make the vegetation successful.

Here’s an experience based guideline on how you can start selling your produce. You can sell them not only to restaurants but also to homes and individuals if you manage to gain the support of your community.

That’s it for today. Hope you found this post interesting, inspiring and insightful at the same time. When preparing to launch your own green startup you might want to be updated on the latest business trend that has proven to be pandemic-proof during the past few months. We have talked about how gamification can be used to motivate people to stay Eco-friendly. Find out how video games can keep you motivated in your career and business.

The Earth is what we all have in common

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