We have seen quite a bit of overshadowed trends come into light during the past few months of COVID-19. And a major technology that likewise came into light during this time was virtual classrooms and e-learning.

I think it’s fair to say that the re-surfacing of this trend isn’t just good for school and college kids. Rather, it’s a great opportunity for those of us who have to survive Capitalism, amidst and post COVID-19.

Why should you acquire digital skills now?

It’s no secret that COVID-19 has pushed our lives into the digital world. For the most part at least. And quite simply this means that jobs and careers rooting from increased digital demands will sprout. Now, and even more so in the future. So the time is ripe to acquire digital skills and renew your relevance for the future of jobs.

4 crucial skills to survive the COVID-19 affected job market

#1 Digital Marketing

It’s the age of the memes so what’s stopping you from memeing in marketing?

In a time where firms are desperate to market themselves online thanks to dwindling sales, you can become part of the solution by taking a Digital Marketing course. Through this knowledge not only would you become eligible for jobs in the field, but also qualified enough to launch your own online platform for Digital Marketing services!

Google offers a free Digital Marketing course called the Fundamentals of Digital Marketing where you get to complete modules with quizzes at the end of each session and a final exam to cover it all up. This is also a standard certification, accredited by the Interactive Advertising Bureau Europe and The Open University. 

#2 Web Designing/Developing

Revols.com is an award winning website for it’s bold design and unique use of macro photography and video

This is a no-brainer. The pandemic has proved to businesses that they need to step up their virtual/online game. And the first approach to revamping a firm’s online presence is through great websites. Great websites are made of two great components: great interface design and great coding (functionality). And with the competition for captivating web designs and functionalities higher than ever, it’s the perfect time to get yourself to class!

Before you let out that frustrated groan, listen. I know the word “class” sounds exhausting. But what if your class was in your own comfortable room, with complete access to snacks and drinks whenever you liked , and you could learn something new in peace? Tempting isn’t it? Sites like Coursera offer a range of web design/development certifications that are free to take. You can enroll for one of them or find more similar courses. It’s all just a Google search away.

#3 Graphic Designing


Graphic designing is that one skill you can apply to anything and earn out of it. Because of course you can! Graphics are present everywhere! From branding icons to logo designs to advertising illustrations to 90% of the images present in all web pages. Imagine what it’s like to be needed on every corner of the internet. That is how a graphic designer feels.

And to be honest we could all use a little feeling of being needed, can’t we? Luckily Coursera offers free graphic design courses for you too! So once again, grab your snacks and get yourself to class!

#4 Video Editing


With platforms like YouTube taking off like eagles during quarantine, it only makes sense that video editing is an almost essential skill to have right now. Alright let’s stop for a second and enter a parallel universe. One that is not plagued by Covid-19; and quarantine is not a part of everyday life. Platforms like YouTube are still taking off like eagles (or whichever high-flying birds they have in this universe). Not to mention, YouTube gave birth to an entirely new industry and career path: Being a YouTuber.

You can find a list of video editing courses over here. Hope you find what you’re looking for and hope you’re able to master this skill if you do choose to take it up!

Once you start there’s no stopping it!

That’s it for today. I hope this post helped you figure out what digital skills are in high demand right now and what skills you need to acquire if you want to direct that demand to yourself. If you’re going through a tough time and are lacking in inspiration, here are 5 steps to get it back! Another underrated method to earn money right now is Affiliate marketing. Find out how you can become a top affiliate. Come back next week for a cool new blog post.

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