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legal practice management system

Imagine this:

You file a case against a person who committed an injustice to you. When the time finally comes for your case to go through in court, you’ve grown old and you can barely stand up; let along make it to the court.

Funny, isn’t it? But it really happens.

Do you see that as the result of a successful legal system? Of course, not. But this is often the case with manual legal systems implemented everywhere in the world.

Sri Lanka too has a slow-moving manual legal system at the heart of its legal industry and this has resulted in much distress, not only for parties who have filed cases, but also for parties who have faced injustice and are reluctant to file cases.

This situation raises the question: Do we need a legal system that makes it inconvenient for victims to come forward and have their problems resolved?

The answer comes just as easily: We certainly do not want that. And fortunately, the next generation of Sri Lankan entrepreneurs have found a solution.

Legistant: A brand new type of legal assistant for Sri Lanka

legal practice management system
Legistant sponsored the Junior National Law Conference conducted in 2019 by the The Junior Bar of the prestigious Bar Association of Sri Lanka

For Dare to Dream SL this week I interviewed Akhila Adishwara Wijetunga, CEO of Legistant, a cloud-based legal practice management system that improves task management of legal firms, security of documents and highly confidential information of clients, and dramatically enhances time management of lawyers.

It’s an all in one solution to some of the key problems that the legal system of Sri Lanka is facing right now.

Let’s talk to Akhila and find out more!


So Akhila before we begin, I want to acknowledge my readers who are new to the cloud tech concept.

Would you mind giving a brief premise about the unique concept behind Legistant for them?

When you say cloud tech, you’re looking at services, systems, different resources and so on that are available to you over the internet where you may or may not own and manage the technological infrastructure that supports it. 

Legistant is a cloud based application that was created to help Lawyers solve certain issues inherent to them through the power of cloud technologies.

Legal practice management system

So you must have heard of FinTech, AgriTech, EdTech and so many other areas where technological developments are introduced to a traditional industry.

I have participated in some events and you get to tick which “XxTech” industry you are from. But to this date, I haven’t personally come across any such form having an option to tick LegalTech. LegalTech is the field we belong to. It is quite a new concept especially for a country like Sri Lanka.


Legistant is the first cloud based Legal Practice Management System in Sri Lanka.

How could your brand and the concept behind it, combat the challenges faced by the current legal industry of Sri Lanka and change it for the better?

Yes, Legistant is the first of its kind in Sri Lanka. But just like any other niche, this also comes with a whole bunch of challenges and especially, lessons which you can only learn by being in the industry.

Legistant is a solution that prioritizes on your convenience and speed of getting tasks done.

The legal profession is an intensively human driven area where relationships matter. The relationship and trust between an attorney and a client will decide the quality of service provided to a great extent. And by nature, this is a field where professionals depend on paper and files; Not just the professionals but the entire system does if you look at the local context.

Legistant is a product that was introduced to solve certain problems of a lawyer in a very practical setting. As a result of the use of a paper based system, there are issues that come with it inherently. But in a cloud based system where you can digitize most of your tasks, these problems inherent to paper and files are eliminated.

The challenge for us, here, is not about selling a product or a service. In Sri Lanka, the challenge for us is to change the mindset and attitude of individuals. To teach why embracing technology will boost your performance, efficiency and productivity which comes through cutting down redundant work, better coordination, better collaboration, cutting down non-value-adding tasks by automating them and so on.

This is why your business should be using cloud tech:

Our plan is to create a wholesome digital experience across the legal ecosystem from the student till the courts. As much as we are committed to serving this purpose, we also believe a part needs to be played by the government and the entire system where they would have a forward-thinking attitude towards embracing technology into the legal system. We believe, now is the best time for this change with the current global situation and that will motivate them.


How have clients responded to the difference and convenience offered by Legistant?

We started commercial sales in December 2019. So far we have acquired a large number of users who are currently making use of our platform.

As much as we try our best to give them the best experience, they too share their experiences of the system with us. As a result, we feel really happy about the features we have offered them which makes their lives much easier and convenient. Also, at times, they suggest improvements where things could be streamlined even more. We take these inputs into consideration and give it back to them in the form of updates.

So far we have delighted our users and we wish to continue to do so, by providing an exceptional service.

Something notable is the feedback about the training we give. Our primary objective is not to give them a bitter pill to swallow in the form of a sale. We don’t want to take the money and disappear, ending the sale there. We want to build a relationship between the brand, the product and the user.

What we want is to create a revolutionary change and that cannot be done without educating. This is what we do at our training. We don’t just teach them to add a case file on the system but we teach how it works, why do it a certain way and how the result will be different from doing it the manual way.

That is why they recommend our product as well as our training to their colleagues.


According to your experience, how feasible do you think it is to start and run a business on a cloud system in Sri Lanka.

Do you urge more businesses on the island to adopt this technology?

That is the best way to go for someone looking at a business that could grow and scale outside geographical borders. Sri Lanka also offers so many opportunities for Start-ups and we are one such start-up that is making great use of such opportunities. You get access to resources, funding and expertise, easily and sometimes they help you keep your costs to a minimum.


Let’s move on to something more light-hearted.

What are some of the best memories in your journey that inspire you and make you happy when you think back?

This question is quite tricky. Because the answer to this lies within the challenges, failures and barriers we had to face bringing Legistant to where it is today.

It’s all the ups and down we experienced together as a team: the first sale, the first sign up – after 4 years of research, developing the system, testing, debugging etc.

Partnering up with the Junior bar of the Bar Association of Sri Lanka in 2019.

Every solution we came up with to overcome those challenges are memorable; Life changing decisions at times. The path would be entirely different if not for some of those decisions. I strongly believe we made the right choices and that is why we’re here today as who we are.


In addition to Legistant, you have also founded two other startups: White Star Web Solutions (pvt) Ltd. and Coco Space.

What sort of an experience has it been, founding and managing three startups?

Definitely not an easy task to balance your time between three. But not impossible for sure. Just need a good level of concentration and focus.

White Star Web Solutions (pvt) Ltd. is the legal entity under which Legistant is a brand. Under White Star, we have another brand called Artslab Creatives. This is where we work on Digital Marketing projects and web development. We serve foreign clients under this and a few local ones as well.

Coco Space is a co-working and meeting space that allows people to drop by and get their work done or have their meetings.


What do you have to say about Sri Lanka’s current startup climate?

Disrupt 2.0 held at the Calcey office at Trace Expert City in 2016

It’s becoming bigger and better. Same as anything, there’s always room for more – more improvements and more start-ups. But we’re definitely headed in the right direction.

Currently there are many government policies, too, that are in favor of start-ups and budding ventures.

But something I feel is lacking is that, there is a great disconnection between the government, private sector and the start-ups. These policies, facilities and opportunities will be much more productive if they were developed with much more coordination and with better communication.


Do you believe that Sri Lanka should be heading towards establishing a strong entrepreneurship and business-powered economy?


There’s a lot of talk about being Sri Lankan and having pride in our culture and heritage. I too have a lot of pride in being Sri Lankan. But we need to show it by action and actually live up to our rich heritage and culture.

I strongly believe, we have the capacity to be the hub for business, technology and innovation in Asia. This is where that coordination in policy making should play its part, because together, we can do so much.


And last, but certainly not least, do you have a motivational and inspirational message to my aspiring readers who want to create something unique and make a change in Sri Lanka?

Sri Lanka is a mine full of resources for a start-up; From getting knowledge, experience, support and guidance, to acquiring funding and capital.

I personally believe having a successful venture in Sri Lanka will give you enough training to go outside and adapt to any market and win it. But for those who dream to get there, it’s an extremely tedious task, I can assure that. I don’t think getting rich fast is impossible, but it will be, if you’re just doing it to get rich. What will motivate you to get there is the impact you try to create, the value you try to add, the problem you try to solve.

In my case, my vision is to take the Sri Lankan name out there; Revolutionize a profession. This is no way an easy task, but it is a very satisfying one.

Images from the first ever Sri Lankan startup weekend held in Colombo all the way back in 2016.

That is what Akhila had to say about his startup, Legistant and being the first ever cloud based legal practice management system in Sri Lanka. I’m thrilled to share this interview with you because with Dare to Dream SL, it’s always all about being unique and doing something outstanding that will change the future of our island. And Legistant has set the foundation to just that: a revolution within the legal industry of Sri Lanka.

I hope you find this interview inspiring! For more inspiration check out my other interview in the Dare to Dream SL series with the amazing CEO of CloudCone LLC.

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legal practice management system

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